How do I power the lock externally if the battery fails suddenly?

BitLock has a micro-USB port that can be tapped into to power it externally to unlock if the battery dies suddenly when the bike is the locked. In order to access the micro-USB port, you must cut the plastic cover just below the LED light ( as shown below). After than use any standard micro-USB cable plus a phone charger or laptop with USB port to power the lock and open it. 

If your lock is still under the 1 year limited warranty, we will send you a replacement. Otherwise, you can order a replacement at the discounted price of $49 excluding shipping fee. 


Please note that your BitLock may not remain 100% water proof after this process. Please make sure you cover the hole over the Micro-USB port with adhesive tape (such as Guerrilla Clear Repair Tape ) to prevent water from getting inside. 
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