Do i get a notification/Alarm if the bike is being tampered with?

BitLock does not provide tamper-detection. There are multiple reasons for not including this functionality with BitLock. Adding tamper-detection complicates the design of the lock, resulting in increased cost and power consumption. For you to receive instant alerts, the lock will be required to constantly transmit a signal (which increases the lock’s power consumption). If it is a Bluetooth signal, you will only be alerted if you are in close-proximity to the lock (maximum 100 feet disctance in open space). Even with this feature, there is no guarantee that you receive tamper alert since workarounds exist to block the radio signal, such as placing tinfoil around the base of the lock. A 2G/3G/LTE signal will further complicate the design, and require a SIM card and a monthly data subscription. This all will mean each bike will also require power harvesting (via a dynamo hub and/or a large solar panel) to power the system, further increasing the cost.

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